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Arianna Ardia-Wenink

Marketing | Communication | Market Research | Publishing | Community & Event Management | Advertising

My name is Arianna.

I have relevant work experience as Marketer, Market and Media Researcher, Marketing & Sales Analyst, Account and Project Manager.

With a.o. experience with setting up cross-medial marketing and media campaigns and establishing social communities. With market and media research projects and analyses. With Lead Gen via marketing actions, research and CRM. Both b2c and b2b.

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I'm pretty good at these things

Marketing & Communication

As s manager or a marketeer

Market Research

Qualitative as well as quantitative

Project Management

I succesfully completed several projects

Marketing en Sales analysis

Using market reasearch data

Dutch, Italian

My mother and father tongue

French, English

Fluent in both

Professional Experience

My working history up till now

expatsHaarlem | expatsHaarlemmermeer | Haarlem Foodies | Haarlem Photo Club

Co-founder & Managing Director / Online Publisher / Community Marketing & Event Manager

Writing the Marketing plan of the community-driven media platforms. 
Figures so far:
  expatsHaarlem: +- 10.000 visitors a month (records of 20.000 visitors a month; more than 4.600 Facebook likes, +- 3.200members, partners and services in the Housing, Education, Work, Law, Culture, Public authorities etc.);
  Haarlem Foodies: +- 5.000 visitors a month, more than 2.100 Facebook likes;
  Haarlem Photo Club: +- 600 members. 
Strategic community management and marketing. 
Publisher, text writer and marketer of the websites, events and of all the social media channels of the communities (Facebook, LinkedIn etc.). 
Building, leading and motivating teams of editors, bloggers, event managers and organizers.
Building brand awareness, audience, reach, members, involvement, loyalty, newsletter readers, event participants, media partnerships and business partnerships.
Acquisition and account management with advertisers, non-profit parties and local authorities.
Setting up online marketing campaigns and events for the brands and advertisers.
Event management: organisation and marketing & sales of a.o. locally known events such as Haarlem Connect, the Haarlem Housing Event, de Experience Haarlem Fair. Have a look at the YouTube videos of Haarlem Connect, the Haarlem Housing Event and the Experience Haarlem Fair.
Community management: analyses and having online conversations with the target groups. 

jan 2017
sep 2017


Program Manager WOW-Veilingen

Develop and execute the management program of 
Increase and activate the Facebook community: 838.000 likes. 
Generate traffic, registrations, activity on the website via content marketing, organic and paid Facebook campaigns, bannering on the website, e-mail marketing and the magazine. Observe Campaign results of each channel and adapt website flow, target group segmentations, website journeys, marketing actions and plannings. 
Stimulate WOW-registered members to surf to and become paying member.

jan 2017


Marketing & Communication Manager

Drawing up the Marketing & Communication policy and translating it to online and offline strategies and campaigns.
Creating cross-medial (radio, print, Google SEA, online display, social, outdoor) b2b and b2c campaigns en actions; buying media space and analyzing the achievements.
Winner of the Gift Card of the Year 2015 Contest with in total 22.517 votes and more than 288 concurrent gift cards in 15 categories, among which H&M, ANWB, Bart Smit, Boekenbon, Media Markt, VVV, Fashion Cheque, Intratuin etc. Read the press report and the interview with me on Entertainment Business.
Advising & managing the restyling of the website with web shop, log in system and connection to the CRM system.
Editing, newsletters and other online & offline communication content such as press releases, posters, flyers, social media posts etc.
Setting up, carrying on and reporting qualitative and quantitative b2b and b2c market and media researches.
Setting up target group, traffic, sales and cashing reports. Advising about the turnover of the own online and b2b channels and of theaters and retailers (Albert Heijn, Bruna, SPAR, VVV, ANWB enz.) and for the cashing at theaters and ticketing companies.
Function as pivot between the different parties who collaborate for campaigns and close new collaborations and barters with media companies, theaters, service suppliers and commercial partners.
Develop advertising opportunities.


IDG Nederland (International Data Group)

Senior Market Researcher / Marketing & Sales Analyst

First point of contact for all kinds of market and media research within IDG Nederland. B2c, b2b, online, print and events.
Responsible for the set-up, implementation, coordination and quality control of all research and research results within, of, for and about IDG Nederland. 
Main responsible of the biggest ICT brand awareness research in the Netherlands.
Taking care of the collection, analysis, reporting, distribution and presentation of research results and marketing and sales information among internal and external (advertisers and media agencies) clients. Interpretation and advice for example for improving websites, apps, products, communication, campaigns, new propositions for end-users and clients and for new potential target and business.
Using research for internal and external (business) leads. 
Make media circulation, media reach, market shares and media spending analysis’s and media plans. Providing input for IDG articles and press releases concerning relevant market information or research results. Signalling research/cases and general trends and developments in the market, the Dutch population, the Tech sector, the different media types.
Setting up the research database: ± 80.000 subscribers for each brand.
Coordinating the research community panel and co- coordinating the online and offline Community.

IDG brands a.o.: Computer!Totaal,, Webwereld, Computerworld, CIO. Clients: a.o.: Canon, Nikon, Capgemini, BBeyond, Dell, Oracle.


Reed Business Public Sector

Marketing Coördinator Public Sector

Creation and development of operational multimedial marketing plans and campaigns for the 6 different brands of the Public Sector Portfolio: strategy, planning, budget, DMs, EMs, special actions, cross medial actions etc. b2c, b2b, online, print and events.
Responsible for the web shop of the different brands and the positioning of products on external sites (, etc.).
Responsible for the congress page on several websites. 
Setting up and coordinating the online and offline Overheidsmanagement Community.
Development and positioning of communication material (ads, advertorials, banners, flyers, brochures, press articles, congress publicity etc..) on internal and external multimedial channels. 
Contact with publishers, database marketing, client service, external (publicity) agencies, congress developers, writers, business connections and partners 
Coordination and implementation of market research (branches, brand, competitors, satisfaction, etc.). 
Contribution to brand/product development. 

Reed Business Public Sector brands include: Reed Business,, Overheidsmanagement, Zorgwelzijn, Romagazine, Stapelendekoning.


Telegraaf Media Groep, Bureau Consumenten Onderzoek

Key Account Manager Market Research

Create and increase awareness of Bureau Consumer Research.
Redaction and design of the company and product presentations. Contribute to the amelioration and increase of the product portfolio (campaign reach and evaluation tests, benchmark analysis’, presentations of media and branche developments etc.) and of the services (dash board, technical tools, panel etc.) of the Bureau (Agency).
“Warm” and “cold” (direct mailing, tele-approach) client and project acquisition. Translate research problematics of (potential) clients in research goals. Issuing research proposals and quotes. Contacts with (potential) key accounts and (online) advertising agencies.
Setting up multimedia recruitment campaigns via the channels of the Telegraaf Media Groep or external addresses.
Coordination and quality check of research projects.
Following research results making suggestions for a more effective brand and communication strategy among the target group(s) and for cross medial and innovative propositions and campaigns. Presentation of the research results to external clients.

Telegraaf Media Group brands and channels among which: De Telegraaf, Haarlems Dagblad, Spits, Sky Radio,, Esquire, Prive’, Autovisie, Hitkrant, Cosmo Girl, FHM. Key accounts a.o.: Key accounts o.a.: NZO, Uniekaas, ANWB, Wasa-Barilla, Ahold, CSM, Mexx L’Oréal, Beiersdorf, Mattel, Djoser, Transavia, Philips, Olympus, Pioneer, Citroën, Telfort, BBeyond, Hewlett Packard, ING, Veronica, Warner Bros, FNV Bondgenoten, National Geographic, Amnesty International, Greenpeace, Yacht, Tempo-Team.


Sanoma Uitgevers

Sales Intelligence Researcher

Responsible for business units Living, 50+, Travel and International (offices in France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark etc.), regarding the internet sites, magazines, events (Living Awards; Expertise Centre 50+) and line & brand extensions (VT Wonen products etc.).
Giving advice, information and analysis for sales and advertising, -marketing departments and advertisers through market analysis and market research (desk-research; own communication, market and media research and research of external agencies. Giving input for sales presentations and meetings.
Implementation and coordination of external market and media research.
Internal and external presentation of the research results.
Writing research and branche reports, articles for the newsletter and articles for advertisers and specific field literature. Making media plannings.
Signalling research cases and general trends and developments within media types, target groups and branches.

Sanoma brands a.o.: VT Wonen, Eigen Huis & Interieur, 101 Woonideeën, Ariadne at Home, Seasons, More than Classic, Midi, Zin, Reizen.



Account Manager Market Research

Acquisition of clients; own client portfolio. Contacts with clients. 
Translation of data in marketing communication problematics and in research goals. 
Advice on research methods and techniques. Making proposals and quotes. 
Coordination and execution of national and international market research projects: brand image, positioning, concept, product, packaging, services, communication and media research through desk-research, focus-groups and face-to-face interviews with consumers and experts. 
Leading internal and external project executives and freelancers
Analysis, report and presentation of the conclusions and strategical marketing communication advice. 
Responsibilities regarding project budgets and company profit.

Client Portfolio a.o.: Unilever, Lever- Fabergé, Procter & Gamble, Kimberley Clarke, Coty, L’Oréal, Bonduelle, Beldis, Honig, Heinz, Mars, Coca-Cola, Bols, Nestlé, Illy Caffè, CSM, Chupa Chups, Sanoma, Shell, DHL, Transavia, Thalis, Lufthansa, Club Med, Seiko, Kwantum, Solvay, Europese Commissie, RVD, Gemeente Utrecht.


PQR (Plasschaert Quality in Research)

Project Manager Market Research

Clients acquisition and quotes.
Co-ordination and execution of national and international qualitative market and policy research projects: brand image, positioning, concept, product, packaging, services, client loyalty, communication, media, public opinion research through desk-research, focus-groups and face-to-face interviews with consumers and experts resulting in analysis, report and presentation of the conclusions, suggestions and strategic advices.
Contacts with national and international clients.

Client portfolio: A-brands in the consumer market, (Unilever, Lever- Fabergé, Procter & Gamble, Kimberley Clarke, Coty, L’Oréal, Bonduelle, Beldis, Honig, Heinz, Mars, Coca-Cola, Bols, Carbonell, , Nestlé, Illy Caffè, CSM, Chupa Chups, Sanoma, Samson), in the Business to business market (Shell, HTP, DHL), tourism (Transavia, Thalis, Lufthansa, Club Med), fashion (Seiko), retail (Kwantum), pharma (Gehe, Solvay) and public sector (European Commission, RVD, Gemeente Utrecht).


Openbare Bibliotheek Haarlemmermeer

PR Manager

Promotion of the chain of libraries.
Co-ordination of all the communication activities: contacts with the press, media agencies, printing offices, local authorities.
Development of flyers, pamphlets, advertisements, presentations, articles for the local newspaper.
Organization of promotional and cultural events.
Editor of the monthly newsletter; fundraising.

of 1998

European Commission

Policy Researcher "Research voor Beleid International"

Responsible for the collection of research material through national and international databases and interviews with experts.
Academic analysis’s.
Strategic policy advice.


University of Florence with the European University Institute (EUI)

Project Manager Events

Planning, coordination and preparation (both academic and logistical) of the conference
Internal and external communication
Contacts with national and international guest speakers and participants
Promotion and publicity.


University of Florence with the European University Institute (EUI)

PR Coordinator Events

Organization of an international conference at the University of Amsterdam on “Legal Aspects of the European Union”
Publicity; advertising; fundraising; contacts with media and editor academic program


Theoretics & knowledge


Professional courses & training

'Online Marketing’, Lectric, February-March 2014
'Internet Marketing Strategy', IMNL, February 2014
'Google & Internet Marketing, IMNL, February 2014
'Social Media Marketing, IMNL, February 2014
'Costumer-oriented communication’, ISA Training & Coaching, March 2013
‘Business gets social’, Groenindigital, February 2013
‘Getting money with the internet’,, May 2011
‘Dutch Publishing Institute’, IDG, May 2009
‘How to have effective influence’, EmoRatio, May 2009
‘Crossing and mediaplanning with e-Telmar’, November 2008
‘Tips & tricks for e-mail marketing’, Tripolis Solutions, March 2008
‘The best cover’, Sanoma, March 2005
‘Mediatraining’, Sanoma, February 2005
'Marketing in Vogelvlucht', SRM (Stichting Reclame en Marketing), January 2002
'Product management', MSC (Management Study Center), Spring 2001
'Communication today', Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam en Nescor (Netherlands school of communication Research), February 2001
Lecturer academic course ‘Museology’ of the MA-programme ISHSS (Institute of Social Studies and Humanities)- Universiteit van Amsterdam (UvA) – second trimester 2000/2001 en 1998/99.
'Brand extensions', GVR (Genootschap voor Reclame), November 2000
‘Academic writing’ – European University Institute (EUI), September 2000
'Laddering', Technische Hogeschool Delft and Geoplan, April 2000.


ISHSS (Institute of Social Studies and Humanities) - University of Amsterdam

Specialisation (post)MA in European Studies

Communication B, museology & museum marketing, movie and theater sciences.


University of Amsterdam, Faculteit Geesteswetenschappen

MA in European Studies

European history, culture, arts literature, ideologies, policy and integration, Dutch law, communication A.


University of Amsterdam, Faculteit Geesteswetenschappen

MA in French language and literature


High School in Florence (Italië)

Diploma 'Liceo linguistico'(VWO)


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